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[OOC: How's My Driving?]
Burn baby

If you notice anything OOC about the way I play my characters or have general questions about why I play them the way I do, please don't hesitate to bring your concerns to my attention! I'm always looking for ways to improve and I don't mind constructive criticism in the least. I just ask that is does remain constructive and not destructive. Also- please do not comment with just saying "play [insert character] moar" you're welcome to say it, but please add more too it than that (like what you like about how I play them, what you don't like, what I can work on etc.)

If you're afraid to tell me something, the option of anonymous commenting is always available. I have IP logging turned off.

I play:

Axel [incendio_octa ]

Gokudera Hayato [dunamis_storm ]

Klavier Gavin [rocker_complex ]

Maka Albarn [spirit_reader ]

Riku [toward_dawn ]

Sabriel as_bells_toll ]

Sophie Hatter [witchofwords ]

While this will be posted on all of my journals, feel free to only reply to one.

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(no subject)

Attention everyone that seems to give a damn about things that are none of your goddamn business!

Kono is a kid that likes to jump to conclusions and write about them where everyone can see. Sakura came to me because she was upset, and you know--I'm her friend.

But, seeing where Kono went with that I figured I should let you all in on some news I gave him before he blows it out of proportion. Surprise, surprise Hogwarts! I'm not gay.

Have a bloody fucking brilliant night!

(no subject)
[The post is made of mess scribbles--it was jotted down in a hurry.]

Princess...Sakura--I know you, and I know you were probably in that library. Please tell me you somehow forgot to go today? Or at least that you're all right.


Roxas--are you somewhere safe? I'm headed for the Great Hall. Be careful.

Been thinking for awhile now
Burn baby
Yo~! Roxas. We need to have a little talk.

[Private to Sora, Demyx and Fisheye.]
Probably not the best time, but I need to sort things out with Roxas. I...think it's better I tell him what happened over winter break rather than not. So--the whole no talking deal, it's over. Got it memorized?

And yes I already know that I am so dead after this.

Interesting week we're having around here.

Roxas is gone. Just...gone. No goodbye, no nothing. Bloody fucking hell.

I wonder if Sora knows anything....

Shit--maybe someone talked. I knew I should have just told him myself. I wanted to...hell I was still going to...damn it.

[The rest of the entry is filled with illegible, angry and upset scribbles before ending abruptly at the bottom of the page.]

[OOC] P-R-E-S-E-N-T-S, got it memorized?
Burn baby

AH~ I'm going to have fun making these posts everywhere~! The drill- Axel got people gifts! This post is for those gifts! Have fun~

Roxas- A novel of practical defensive spells. There may or may not be a nice lengthy note attached.

Demyx- Have a fish. They like you.

Sora- He seriously just sent you a cookie.

Sakura- He's a smart ass and calls you princess-- have a corny little crown.

Larxene- He is really a smart ass...so have a nice little jug of water!

Namine- Have a new set of colored pencils.

Fish- He doesn't know much about you, but he likes your spark. So~ Have a nice little helping to a coupon for a "free prank in your favor" card.

Zell- Hey, you're dorm mates he had to get you something. Have a hotdog.

Naruto- He's cheap, but he likes you. So say hello to a nice pile of ramen.

Link- Once again, dorm mates- but he respects you as a friend...maybe. Which would be why he got you the joke gift of a book on sexual positions...that should help with getting Del a present, right?


He saved, question nothing.

[Locked to Students]
Burn baby
All right. Same deal as last time. Students eyes only, and ha! You can't tell any authority figure about this. Nifty hm?

Right! So, about that party. We need some things from our lovely attendees~.

First! We need names of those whom are believed to be unworthy of attending this fine event. This includes teachers, staffers, and students you think will rat on us. I will be the final judge on this list, but this is just so that we can keep our little party from being shut down early. Conversely~ If you guys know of any teachers and staffers that are totally cool. Let me know. No need to keep the cool ones out of the fun.

AND! Secondly! Anyone here know of a way to get music into this place? Really. We need it.

[Locked to Students Only]
Okay. Things are a bit boring around here right? Aside from the school house drama between a few people, nothing as really happened.

So here's the deal pipsqueaks. We need to liven things up, and get a little inter-house action going- I'm thinking a party. Students only- no teachers knowing, full out party. All for say "aye"...all against, sorry I charmed this journal with a little lock meaning nothing you see here can be repeated to teachers~ Have fun putting up with us.

[Supposed to be locked to students only- but Axel fails so haha Professors can see this anyway]
I think...I missed Charms. So much for the whole 'early to bed early to rise' bull my mum kept spouting when I was young. Load of bollicks that one.

So! Did I miss anything important or am I in the clear? I know one of you Ravenclaw brains has to have notes. Care to share? I'll promise something in return if you play nice~!

At least I made it to my other classes. So...Professor Ashe can't kill me too bad for that one right?

(no subject)
Burn baby
Hello, hello my fellow tortured students. How was the first day? Good? Awful? Pure insanity? I wouldn't know- I skipped.

Now, now don't give me those looks! It was going to be b-o-r-i-n-g, got it memorized? First day's all review and basics of the class anyway. It's not like I missed much. If I did I can make it up- it's not like the professors are going to care that much. Professor Ashe might want to tan my hide for it- but eh I'll live.

So~ tell me something exciting. It's a bit dull around here right now.